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OOC NOTE: Caroline de Rochefort is the daughter of [info]fannyfae Fanny Fae / Faelyn and [info]all_forme Comte Sebastien de Rochefort. She was born in the late 17th Century approximately nine months after the death of her father, the Comte de Rochefort. As such she is considered a Halfling, being as she has a Half-Fae mother herself, and her father, from the oldest noble family in all of France, also distantly has Sidhe blood. Caroline's younger sister, Jocelyn, is [info]faedefrance.

Before she was born, she was given a vision in the Halls of the Heavens of one she would meet, an Immortal warrior to whom her heart belonged. She is one of the few in the world who knows what really happened at the Battle of Thermopolae.

Caroline was raised both in France and on the Fortunate Island which is ruled by her Mother, the High Lady, and she was trained as a Bardic storyteller and musician. She has no stomach for the darker side of magick except in terms of survival.

When she was a child, it was believed by some at the French Court that she was not the child of the Comte de Rochefort but, rather by another. Her mother dispatched that rumour quickly enough and they lived both in France and around Europe and the New World.

It was during WWII that she would finally encounter the man whom she would fall in love with, Stelios Lakiotis, who was serving with the Greek Army and was present with the Americans in the liberation of France.

Her godfather, is [info]civ_barbarian, Hsu Danmei. Caroline is grown up and is leading her own life, writing music and travelling. Caroline is currently in a relationship with [info]immortalsparta, Stelios Lakiotis.

Centuries later, her mother successfully revived Caroline's father from the Realm of the Dead and she was able to meet him at last. They were seperated by the War and did not meet again till decades later.

Caroline is quite amicable, bordering on being rather sweet. She is very much unlike either of her parents - except when she is very pissed off. She has the abilities of the Fae Bards, which means that she can open up portals between the Realms of Existence, particularly those between the Living and the Dead or the Celtic Otherworld via her art and music. She is Immortal in the sense that only a Blade of Unmaking can destroy her utterly.

PB for Caroline is model & recording artist Rosie Vela,


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