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Crowds made Ian Summers crazy. Because of this, he became increasingly unsure just why he even wanted to stay in the business. Even managing the sem-successful careers of an entire stable of musicians and bands, he was beginning to resent the life. The business full of groupies, slackers and rack jobbers gave him constant indigestion and migraine headaches.
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OOC Note: This is a piece I did at Pan Historia a few years back as part of the Midnight People novel. Since Caroline has been quiet for a bit and has now awakened I am taking her in a bit of an AU sort of world where she is singing and recording and has a really insufferable manager by the name of Ian

The Palisade was jumping and Ian Summers felt particularly chuffed with himself. Tonight it was going to be a veritable orgy of drugs, sex, rock and roll and the most important element of all that made it all possible - money. He was about to sign a very good, very lucrative band that would be one more in his collection of creative content generators that would make him an even richer man. Life was good, it was very good. It was, that is, until he saw Caroline in a corner cooing and billing with that nobody like a couple of love-struck canaries.
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From the "Grand Theft Auto: Hotwired" novel over on Pan HistoriaThanks to my fabulous co-writers over on that site!

I don't know why I ever agreed to see a cop. Least of all a three-times divorced cop who couldn't seem to ever get his head out of whatever game he was i at the time. . Make no mistake, he was good to me. Maybe it was because he and I understood each other in the fact that he was his job - being a cop; just as much as I was my own job - being a singer and a musician. Love wasn't ever much a part of the deal between Vincent and I as it was some sort of mutually realised need.Read more... )

Muse:Caroline de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 817
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My bags are packed. Time for me to take you up on that proposal and for us to melt some of that yuletide snow, I think. *grins*

Your gift and the sentiments attached underscore the reason why I waited so long.
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Stelios and I need to ask a favour of both of you, please.
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At the prompting of a friend to watch an (almost) unrelated video on YouTube, I decided to check and see if there were any updates for Vids of Caroline's PB, Rosie Vela. These were ones that I had psoted before that were just partials, and now I have the full ones. Thought I would share. :)

Apparently LJ doesn't like the embedding of videos today, so I will just post the URL's


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Your Name Comes From Mercury

You have the gift of gab, and nothing energizes you like good conversation.

And it's likely that when you're not talking, you're writing. You love communicating your thoughts.

You are also quite studious. You find learning to be both easy and rewarding.

You are good at understanding what is being communicated to you. You also know what questions to ask to better clarify things.

I guess communication is what being a bard is all about.
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The days in Greece had been wonderful and exciting both a whirlwind at at times. For both of them it was so beautifully relaxed and heady all at once. During those halcyon days, Caroline found herself ever-so-glad that they had waited until they were here in this place to become intimate. Certainly it was the one place in the world that made Stelios who he was - and during this time Caroline also came to realise just how much she had come to feel for Stelios. They had spent the day before procuring one of the fabulous boats that were so well known and native only to Greece. Now the sun was barely coming up and they walked hand in hand toward the dock where their boat was moored and waiting. Read more... )