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He hadn't changed the locks. Something told me that he wouldn't simply because my father would never have thought of such a thing, not even after I had shot him. The house had not changed. What can change in an early 17th Century French Ch√Ęteau that had been in our family for that many generations?

I entered the Great Hall and was greeted by a rather surprised Francois, who had been with our household for years. He was in an apron, drying a dish when he heard my key in the lock. He was about to speak when I held my forefinger to my lips. I did not want him to say my name, for if there was anything that my father was sure to hear, it would be even the smallest pronouncement of my presence. No. This visit would be between Papa and myself and it would be on my terms - not his. I was still exceedingly angry at Papa for what he had done to Stelios at the Tammy Awards, and even though my beau had simply written off my father as a coward and had relegated him to whatever category of person to be both avoided and never again trusted - I had the burden of having to deal with the man who was my father directly.Read more... )

Muse: Caroline de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 1758
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