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Island Hopping (RP for [livejournal.com profile] immortalsparta)

The days in Greece had been wonderful and exciting both a whirlwind at at times. For both of them it was so beautifully relaxed and heady all at once. During those halcyon days, Caroline found herself ever-so-glad that they had waited until they were here in this place to become intimate. Certainly it was the one place in the world that made Stelios who he was - and during this time Caroline also came to realise just how much she had come to feel for Stelios. They had spent the day before procuring one of the fabulous boats that were so well known and native only to Greece. Now the sun was barely coming up and they walked hand in hand toward the dock where their boat was moored and waiting.

The water was lapping against the hull of the surprisingly large vessel almost rhythmically. The increased light of the coming morning seemed to emerge from behind the cliffs in white, blue and violet hues. Songbirds sleepily began twittering, proclaiming that the dawn had arrived. Day was breaking at last.

Caroline wrapped her arms around Stelios's waist. Gazing up into his face, she leaned forward and breathed a kiss upon his lips. It was tentative and gentle at first, but grew increasingly deep and passionate, until she could feel her own heartbeat against her chest. The night before when she had been lying in the comfort of her lover's arms staring a the ceiling, she had fought back the incredible urge to pace. A cool breeze from over the water washed over them both, causing small choppy waves on the water to make the boat buck a little, as if it were a horse anxious to be underway. The sun rose ever-lazily and begn to burn off the few touches of fog that obscured some of their view of the smaller islands in the distance. Reluctantly she pulled away and took his hand in hers, leading him to the small boat that patiently awaited them.

"Come on," Stelios said, smiling down at her, "Time to take you home."

They loaded their small satchels of belongings into the boat. When these had been placed on board, Caroline embarked upon the vessel in, her sandalled feet making barely a sound on the wood. Once inside she turned to see Stelios unfastening the boat. Almost instantly they began drifting into the harbour. Caroline wondered for a moment if Stelios might have some second thoughts, but when he glanced up to look at her with an expression of both delight and something else, her thoughts melted away in the rising sunlight.

Every moment with Stelios had led to this one. She had never before been so impetuous with anyone in her life. But this man, this Spartan, had moved Caroline’s heart as no other.

Caroline moved over to him, and ran her fingers along his jaw. She leaned forward a little more, closing what little gap there remained between them. Whatever doubts she may have had were banished long ago when they had so quickly landed together, both of them connecting as if cut and fashioned from the same materiall. "We are about to pass through a doorway. Are you sure you want this?"

Her answer was a gentle returning kiss from him that quickly turned steadily more passionate. "Yes," he said at last.

Caroline reluctantly pulled away from him and moved toward the rudder. A single look from Stelios and she knew that she should relinquish the it to him. Wordlessly she nodded, and gazed out from the shore to the open water. The foggy mist was still thick enough for her to summon a doorway to get them to her Homeland where her mother ruled as Queen and where she was to tell her mother and the Council of her decision with regard to the succession.

As he took up the helm, Stelios and Caroline looked at each other. Her gaze was calm yet inside her nerves were a shambles. She watched him as he skilfully steered the vessel past any rocks or obstacles. She watched his arms and looked at him and could not help the smile that crossed her face. Her thoughts had gone toward their days and nights and remembering more intimate moments between them. As if he could read her thoughts, when she looked back up at Stelios he was smiling at her knowingly. Surely they were thinking the same thing.

They neared the mouth of the cove that opened into the open sea The small craft bobbed on the waves and eddies. Carefully she moved to the front of the boat. She had discreetly kept her dagger that was used for this purpose on her and she drew it from it’s sheath. Her back was now to Stelios. Closing her eyes and took a deep breath and outstretched her arms, even as Stelios continued to row. Exhaling she opened her eyes and pointed her dagger forward and made a cutting and arching motion. Instantly the mist seemed to gather and swirl around them to a place on the water directly in line with where Caroline had made the cutting motion. There was a bright fissure that formed immediately before them and from it came a slight breeze blew toward and beyond the boat. At last the mists began to part and roll away.

Gone now was Greece and the Meditrerranean grace they had been in only moments before and in front of them was the harbour of the Fortunate Island and the Great City of Gorreas. On all sides they were surrounded by looming mountains. The deep crags that cast a purple hue were also interspersed with deep rich green of thick forests and vineyards and fruit groves. There were sheer cliff faces in the far distance and on a nearer rolling vantage point, there stood an ancient castle - more ancient than anything on earth, yet surprisingly in stunningly good shape for something so old. Its towers stretched up like spires from the imperious rock, blue and silver banners flapped in the breeze.. All around the castle compex were walls and other dwellings that were perched in among trees or on cliffs. Everywhere there was city, but the city was lush and blooming with life and yet the city would have been fortified, clearly from any attack. To the West was a rich valley dotted with fruit orchards, where in the very great distance flocks could be seen grazing. Across the bay was another castle, this one not as great as the first. On the bay were small fishing vessels, barges and assorted craft that were not there a moment before. Clearly they had come through to some otherwhere to this place.

When Caroline was satisfied that she had safely opened the doorway, as soon as they had come through the opening disappeared. With a slow sigh and a satisfied smile she carefully turned to sit down before Stelios who was staring now.

“Welcome to my home, Stelios,” she said softly, “Welcome to my Homeland.”

On the shoreline, there was excitement. Surely the flash upon the horizon indicated that one of the Fortunate Island's very own was coming home? Was it their Lady or her daughters or ones long lost and distant to other parts of other realms of existence? Suddenly a shout from one of the highest towers was heard only to be picked up by the shouts of another and another until at last a large trumpet was sounded. In a matter of moments, the entire Fortunate Island would know that Caroline, one of their Bards, had returned home at last and would be at the docks if not some of them actually swimming out to the boat to meet them.

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Their time in Greece...Lakonia...could be summed up in one word, idyllic. Stelios loved showing her his life, everything about who he is from the battleground up in Thermopylae to his home in the mountains. He had known, pretty much from the moment he had decided that she was something very special and that he wanted her to share his life that the right time would be, as he had told her many times, in his home...in his bed. And how right he was. Every day he felt he loved Caroline more, and more than that, perhaps because of the tales she recounted of her dreams, he believed they were two old souls that had found each other. And for him, given his age, was something to hold onto indeed.

Now they were heading to her homeland. From standing on the quay to getting into the boat, so many small touches passed between them. When Caroline gently touched his jaw, his hand rested on her hip. Then he had to turn his attention, somewhat reluctantly, to the boat. Pushing away, he pulled off his shirt, preferring the total freedom of movement for rowing. He picked up the oars and smiled as he saw Caroline watching him. He could guess what she was thinking, after all it wasn't the first time she had sought reassurance from him about visiting the Fortunate Island. Certainly for him, nothing could come close to what he felt for Greece, but from all she had told him about her home, he could feel that it would probably become quite special.

That wasn't the only reason why he was looking forward to seeing this world where his glyka mou had spent so much of her life. At his age there were few things that were truly new or different left in the world, and while he wasn't as well travelled as many Immortals much younger than him, how many had the opportunity of going somewhere so different...not to mention with such a beautiful guide.

He rowed steadily to the mouth of the cove, aware that she was watching him still, his thoughts drifting in the same direction as hers to his Spartan bedroom -- and elsewhere -- and while they hadn't quite demolished the place, they had come close on some nights. Now he watched her as she stood and prepared to open the doorway to her home. His strokes barely changed rhythm as she cut the air with her knife and watched as the fog gathered around the area. It had been a very long time, but Stelios knew when he was witnessing a Mystery, an echo back to the times he had grown up with.

As they passed through, and he saw the land appear before them, he stopped rowing, letting the boat drift as he took it all in. Subconsciously, he looked over the cliffs, towers, and castles with a martial eye, both satisfied and impressed with what he saw. On a more conscious level, he took it all in. It was a lush sight and yet a full city, together appearing to be in perfect balance with each other, one not overpowering the other. He picked up the oars again as Caroline sat back down.

"It's beautiful, glyka mou, just how you described it." He smiled, bending over to kiss her. "I can't wait for you to show me around." As they got closer to the harbour, he could see a crowd starting to gather in answer to the trumpet, and he looked at her again, grinning. "Is this going to be like the welcome we got at my home?"

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The reception of the Peoples of the Fortunate Island had been no less than Caroline had expected. She had carefully been watching Stelios to make sure that he was alright with what was gonig on. Not everyone passed from one Realm of Existence into another without being at least a little knocked off their guard. But Stelios had been in the world for so long, there was no doubt in her mind that during the time of Greek Legends and after, he too had witnessed things that were considered to be fantastic or beyond belief.

Garlands of flowers were being hurled from the waters from those who swam out to meet them, and also from the shores. Such a noise of rejoicing was usually reserved for when her Mother and Father, their Queen and her Prince consort returned. This was not quite the same thing, but just as the throngs of Greek welcomers were curious about Caroline when she arrived, and so the People of the Fortunate Island were also very curious about Stelios. When he bent to kiss her, a slight cheer went up among the people. It was no doubt, good to see their Princess with someone of her own - after so many years of it not even having occured to her.

"I think they are just happy to see me," she said squeezing his hand and kissing him once more. When she pulled away her eyes were dark with want, "And no doubt you have piqued their curiosity as well," she teased.

The shore was a throng of Humans, Fae of all kinds, Slyphs, Elves, Gnomes, Goblins, Demi Fae, Pukka and so many other types of Creatures that Caroline wondered what Stelios was thinking. Out from behind a group of smartly dressed Fae Ladies who were whispering behind hands and giggling amongst themselves came a bellow that sounded like a howl. With screeches, the Fae girls scattered to make way for a very large, brown furred Ogre with large eyes and two protruding teeth. He resembled something between a large furry crocodile and a big shaggy dog. Just as the helm of the boat touched the dock, the creature gave another howl, this one of obvious delight and bounded forward, grabbing the rope and pulling on it till it was securely alongside the dock. The Creature blinked and seemed to let out a purr, "Creiddyledd! Creiddyledd home! Fionlayaad friend Creiddyledd come back!" Was that a tear in his eye that he wiped away? Caroline was not sure but she rose and moved toward her large Ogre friend. The rest of the Fae were also curious and equally happy to see Caroline, but knew quite well enough to stand back.

"Fionlayaad!" Caroline threw her arms around the huge bulk of fur, teeth and affection and hugged him tightly, "Yes, I am home." She almost felt her breath leave her body as she and the great beast hugged each other. She glanced back at Stelios wondering what he must think with such a large strange creature galumphing up to meet them in such a fashion, but before she could begin the introductions, the rest of the throng were mobbing the boat. She almost lost sight of Stelios until she pulled back a little to shout over the Sidhe and Gaelic speaking din. "You all will get to see me! Yes, I will tell you stories," she laughed as two Fae children clung to her skirts and pulled her toward the docks, "But you must let me introduce my companion!" She somehow was able to reach back and grab Stelios' hand, and she gripped it for dear life, "Everyone, this is Stelios of Sparta, He is...." she struggled for the right word, to give the right impression to her people so that they would be respectful and not get the wrong impression. "He is the one I have chosen," she said simply. Nothing else needed to be said, no one would ask of the arrangement, only that her choice was made. A great cry went up once again and suddenly Fionlyaad reached out with a large paw and effortlessly drew Stelios under his other arm and hugged both of them at once.

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Yes, the sight of the crowd of all kinds of Fae, all those strange creatures, on the dock did awe Stelios somewhat, even though Caroline had pre-warned him and he was old enough to know that such things existed beyond the limits most people were confined to. Still, to actually see them all was fantastic and stunning, and he fell onto his Spartan reserve not to appear as amazed as he felt.

After they kissed, and his eyes held the same want and promise as hers, he grinned. "I should have bet on which welcome was more overwhelming, mine or yours." He was looking up and down the dock as the boat came alongside, just taking it all in, when he heard the commotion coming near to them.

He just stared, for a moment, at the giant beast, attempting to discern if it would prove a danger and ready to step between it and Caroline, should it be. Indeed, it was only the fact that he was the stranger here that stayed his hand. He did recognize the name it called out as her Sidhe name. The boat rocked as Caroline moved past him and into the arms of the furry beast. Okay, so they were clearly friends, but still keeping one eye on him, he stepped aside to give them more room.

The crowd pressed around them, and Stelios felt himself be pushed back by the throng, and it did seem to him that most of the Fae around him were young women who were quickly trying to catch his attention. He grinned at them, just giving them a polite nod before pushing back towards Caroline and smiled when he felt her grip his hand with such force. This wasn't so different from the welcome at his village.

When she introduced him to her people, he stood by her, aware of all the curious faces staring at him, and then those words, the one I have chosen. He looked at her, his eyes telling her how much he liked that idea and loved her. Then the cheers went up, and before even he could react, he was pulled into that smothering hug of the Ogre's, grabbing onto a handful of his fur in an effort to try and breathe. Eventually, he got his mouth away and free of hair. "Nice to meet you too."

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The sights that Caroline took him to were wondrous, they climed the mountains, and she showed him the ancient palaces and temples. Some of them not so ancient since the Fae Wars against Prince Itet had rendered some of them uninhabitable. She told the story as she was told and how it had been passed on with a Bard's flair. She recounted how her Maman, with the help of King Nuada of the Tuatha du Dannan had brought the alliance of Fae and Humans back into alignment - for there was a time after Thermopolae even when all could have been rent apart. Stelios seemed to listen with interest and as they wandered through the columned halls she wanted to turn the subject to more pleasant matters.

"I have it in mind to show you the Falls outside of Dunnlead today. The forests are ancient and the tree beings there know so much, but what is more the falls are breathtaking." Caroline slipped her arms around Stelios and ran her hands along the musclees of his chest and still a little lower. There was a great deal of promise tinged with mischief in her eyes, "There is a secret place there that is all my own, I have never taken another person there, but I wish to show it to you, Glyka maou." She pulled just a little away and glanced over her shoulder tantaisignly, "Come on, we need but one Faery steed to take us there."

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He loved exploring the Island with her. Besides the love that he had for her, he was thoroughly enchanted hearing all the tales that she related to him about the places they visited and of her family and its history. The wars of their own that had they lost would have had a devastating effect on his own world. While he had always loved her storytelling, it was here where she had learned her skill that he truly saw her power as a bard. It was bewitching and he happily fell under her spell.

His arm was around hers as they walked. He was happy here, moreso than any other place outside of Greece. The Island amazed him, the Fae women and men amused him whenever he caught them looking at him either wishfully or with envy, and most of all, she thrilled him more deeply than any woman ever had. He cupped her bottom in his hand. "I can't wait to see it, the falls, and I want to learn all about you and your secret places." Stelios chuckled but then gave a puzzled frown as she looked behind her. "What kind of Faery steed?"

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Caroline led him up a steep and rocky incline. The narrow, moss and greenery covered passage wove through steps that looked as though they had been carved by the hands of men. If Stelios would have guessed that they were, he would almost have been correct. The stairs that they climbed to reach the top had been carved millennia ago by Sidhe hands, they were nearly as old as the Earth itself, or so her Sidhe kin had always said. In the distance there was a thundering sound of waterfall over rock and birds and animals chirping or shrieking as the two lovers disturbed them. All the while, they laughed and teased and raced along side each other Caroline's heart sung with the absolute joy she felt being with Stelios. Never had she been happier even here on the Fortunate Island, and never was there another man that she wanted to show every aspect of the land of her heritage.

"They graze near the top of the hill in the thickest part of the forest where the oldest apple groves are," she said, nearly breathless with the climb. She slowed just near the final crest of the hill and turned to Stelios and looked into his face, "These horses are older than any of us. It is said that they belong to and are patrons of the Goddess Danu Herself. Maybe if they let us approach them, we can ride."

Among the rolling grassy slopes that were interspersed with wildflowers, a small herd of Faery Steeds grazed. There were dappled gray and white, black and chestnut coloured horses as well as one that could have been called a blue, whose gray coat had an almost cobalt tinge to it. Caroline pointed to that one and murmured in a low voice. "That one," she nuzzled close to Stelios, "he's the stallion. See how his coat is in the sun? It's from the grass and the apples here. If he goes to the other side of the island for more than a week, he isn't so blueish looking." The large stallion, as if on cue raised his head up, his ears pricked forward listening carefully and sniffing the air as he chewed a mouthful of grass. He looked as if he was as if he was trying to guage whether or not he should gather up the mares and foals and move them away from the two observers in the distance. After some minutes, he decided that neither intruder was of any concern and went back to grazing, but would raise his head from time to time just to make certain that his decision was the right one.

Caroline turned slowly, careful not to move too suddenly and frighten the steeds. Letting go of Stelios for a moment, she reached into a small pouch she pulled out some berries. She slowly pulled a little away from her companion and made a sweet whistling sound. Immediately, the stallion and at least four of the mares raised their heads and stared straight at Caroline and Stelios. Again, Caroline made a shorter burst of whistling and the leader of the herd nickered softly and began walking toward them, his dark mane blowing in the breeze.

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