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OOC Note: This is a piece I did at Pan Historia a few years back as part of the Midnight People novel. Since Caroline has been quiet for a bit and has now awakened I am taking her in a bit of an AU sort of world where she is singing and recording and has a really insufferable manager by the name of Ian

The Palisade was jumping and Ian Summers felt particularly chuffed with himself. Tonight it was going to be a veritable orgy of drugs, sex, rock and roll and the most important element of all that made it all possible - money. He was about to sign a very good, very lucrative band that would be one more in his collection of creative content generators that would make him an even richer man. Life was good, it was very good. It was, that is, until he saw Caroline in a corner cooing and billing with that nobody like a couple of love-struck canaries.

That wouldn't do, that would not do at all. She had places to go, obligations to fill and things that she had to be doing for him. What did the bitch think this was? He wondered. Last week she was talking to him about digital media, renegotiating her contract and asking for a bigger cut. A bigger cut for her meant the rest of them would want it, and that meant he would get far less by way of earnings if that came to pass.

In all honesty, Caroline de Rochefort was probably one of the most exotically beautiful women Ian Summers had ever laid eyes upon in his life. The fact that she could sing and play several instruments made her even more appealing. The harp was a very nice touch, because it reminded so man of her fans of an angel. Then there was the masses of long, thick and curly hair. But Ian also knew that his little chanteuse could also be a very bad little lady when she wanted to be.

"Caroline," Ian sidled up to Caroline's side, smiling tightly, "You're looking absolutely lovely."

"Thank you, Ian." She tossed her strawberry blonde curls and smiled, the low cut black leather mini dress emphasised her every curve. "You're looking quite dashing yourself. I can't wait to meet the new act.?

"All in good time," Ian Summers chuckled softly, all along inside he was fuming. Caroline had turned away from her manager and she and Stelios went on talking and nuzzling, almost as if Ian wasn't there. The pubic display of affection was unbecoming. It put him off, but more than that, it was unprofessional. It made her appear common, and for whatever reason, Summers always felt she should be above it - untouchable somehow.

"You really should be paying attention to your career tonight, Caro,?"Ian took a sip of his gin and tonic. "Not sucking face with your latest squeeze."

Caroline stopped short and turned slowly toward Ian, incredulous. "What did you say to me?"

"You heard me," he scoffed at her, "I can find ten more acts here tonight, and be able to to take them at least twice as far as I've taken you."

"Ian!" Caroline was standing now, "What I do on my time is my business. It doesn't have anything to do with you."

"Is that why your former bass player ended up dead in your apartment?" Summers asked coldly, "Funny that."

Caroline looked at him as if she had been punched.

"You forget where I found you, sweetheart. Poor little rich, French-girl with a spoon up her nose and a half dozen neuroses!"

Caroline's eyes were stinging with the tears that she fought to hold back. "Stop it!"

"Stop what? Stop telling you the unvarnished truth? That I can pitch your skinny little arse over my shoulder any time I choose," Ian fumed, "and I suppose you'd be wanting to collaborate with that one now." Ian gestured as if a marquee was in front of him, "Caroline and Stelios: All Night! Oooh! Now that sounds especially sexy!"

Stelios looked as if he was going to punch Ian, Ian just smirked at Caroline's date and turned back to her. Summers knew how to get his star to do what he wanted. He just had to tug a little bit more on her and he'd rule her just like he ruled the night.

Caroline pursed her lips and pulled back to try and rake at his face, but Ian caught her hand. "Ah, ah, me Lovely!" he lowered his voice so that Vincent and Stelios couldn't hear, "tell them you're alright and that you need to discuss business." His fingers dug painfully into Caroline's wrist and he rolled the delicate bones within his grip. Caroline's tears flowed now.

"Stelios," she swallowed hard and steadied herself, "I'll call you later, Ian needs to discuss business about the tour coming up."

"What kind of business entails this prick roughing you up?" Stelios shoved Ian. "Hunh, tough guy?!"

It was Lt. Vincent Hanna who stepped between the two men, "Come on, let's not ruin the night, guys. I don't want to have to haul everybody downtown."

"Stelios, please!" Caroline implored.

Stelios gave a nod at last, then pulled away from Vincent's grip. He bent down to brush Caroline's lips with his own, trying to reassure her, let her know he was there if even in some small way. "You call me ok?"

Caroline nodded. "I will."

Stelios shot Ian a withering look several times before completely disappearing into the crowd.

"Your Papa and Mama back in Rochefort would be proud to know what their little girl was doing on break from Julliard."Ian's voice hissed behind her like an accusing demon. "Now that that's all settled; you're going to that after-party tonight with me and ONLY me - no one else, You got it?"


"Good girl," Summers smiled at last, watching Stelios's and Vincent's retreating forms."Now, we're all one big, happy, recording industry family, sharing our love and our dosh with each other, hmmm?"

Caroline didn't speak, but only glared at Ian but it was clear that he was not even remotely intimidated by her ire. Why should he be?

"Just remember," Summers said, "when you do finally get around to calling that poof back, Sweetheart; that a good fuck is still just a fuck unless it furthers your career. Then it's just good business."

This time Caroline did hit him.

Ian Summers just laughed and pulled her by the arm to his own private table near the stage "Come on, baby. There'll be party favors afterward if you play your cards right."


Caroline slowly raised her head. Her vision blurred from sleep and the haze of alcohol and cocaine from the night before, she focused on where she was. At the moment, it looked somewhat like Geoff’s living room and she had crashed on the couch in one of his button down shirts, leather skirt and fishnet stockings. God only knew where her stilettos ended up.

Sitting up, she took solace in that her purse was next to her, contents seemingly still intact rather than spilled everywhere when she remembered: Ian had taken her cellphone.


Ian had known that she would have wanted to call Stelios and he had made no secret about depriving her of her Blackberry. She was, as he said, needing to keep her mind on her work and wasn’t going to tolerate interruptions. Swallowing hard she closed her eyes and felt her heart sink into a sick well of embarrassment.

‘What must he think of all of this?’ she wondered. Ian Summers had treated Stelios so badly and all Stelios had wanted to do was to reassure her after Justin’s death. That things got heated and passionate, that was just the nature of things, but still, Caroline liked to think the chemistry had been there. Stelios, that crazy bastard! H'd e even stood up to Ian!

And what had she done? She’d followed like a good little show dog after an abusive master. She should have known better, should have punched Ian a bit harder and gone straight to her attorney’s office to find some way to get out of her contract with him. Her parents had enough money, even if Ian was reluctant to let her out of her contract with him, he could be bought off, though he always would protest to the contrary.

“Well, you certainly tied one on last night,” Geoff was standing in the doorway, brandishing two cups of coffee. He held out to Caroline the one that had been creamed and sugared to perfection, keeping the black coffee to himself.

“Just a little.” Caroline took the coffee, ignoring the dull throb in her wrist were Ian had squeezed it the night before. It felt bruised.

“Living the life, eh?” Geoff’s eyes revealed a smirk hidden by the rim of his coffee cup.

“Mon dieu! I was living the life and having a great time before Ian stuck is nose in my business!” Caroline felt a stab of guilt in her heart for the night’s events and not walking away. Her lips turned downward.

“So you and this guy Stelios must have had something?” Geoff took the chair opposite the couch where Caroline had spent the night.

“We were just starting out, Geoff. It was the most incredible sex I’ve had in months - “ Caroline let out a giggle, Oh, hell! We even demolished his bedroom, broke the bedroom set, too!”

Geoff sputtered his coffee, with some going up his nose. “What? Seriously?" He was thoroughly enjoing the mental image. " You know, Caroline Property Damage de Rochefort has a rather nice ring to it!”

A pillow sailed from the couch to Geoff’s stubbled face, thankfully missing his coffee cup. Caroline stuck her tongue out at him, and took a sip of her own coffee. “Asshole.”

“You love me.”


“You know what you need?” Geoff grinned, “You need to forget Ian and Stelios and everything else other than what you came into this world to do.”

“Oh, really,” Caroline looked doubtful. “And what’s that?”

“Music of course!” Geoff was standing now, already gathering his things and certain that Caroline would follow him. “I know just the place. It’s a perfect little Irish bar and they are having a holiday open mic tonight. I am betting you and Madame Angelique making an appearance will make it a holiday to remember.”

“I don’t know, Geoff,” Caroline wanted to flop back on the couch and surrender to her morose state, “Ian was just a complete dick last night.” The one thing she wanted to do more than anything was to call Stelios and to make amends. It was a crappy Christmas present to either one of them, and Caroline was not about to let it be the last word if she had anything to say about it.

“Ian doesn’t have dibs on your time. Besides, he has your cellphone so you can always plead innocence,” Geoff stood up and offered a hand, “Hell, blame it on me.”

Caroline scoffed, “You always want me to blame things on you just so you sound more notorious.”

“Of course. Women are far more likely to want to fuck a guy if they think he's dangerous,” Geoff grinned. “Come on, let’s get you back to your place. You can clean up, load up your harp, and we can go down to Dublin City and eat there before the sound check.”

Caroline nodded. “Well, just let me finish my coffee.” She took a sip of coffee then added, “And even though I know you think that it’s ok to show up everywhere dressed like you've slept in your clothes, do me a favour and at least put on some pants. It’s cold out.”

Muse: Caroline de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 2011


Date: 2017-05-10 01:37 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] abeautifuldeath
I think I read this before, but I really enjoyed it this time as well. Stelios is all growly in my head. Ian definitely needs teaching a lesson or two, or three...or four...all Spartan style.


Date: 2017-05-10 05:14 pm (UTC)
abeautifuldeath: (Caroline white shirt)
From: [personal profile] abeautifuldeath
You know I had a feeling that Ian met an untimely, but well-deserved, demise, but I couldn't remember for sure. Stelios has to admit he likes that idea very much.

Stelios says he has very little clue about the music industry, but he would certainly look out for Caroline's best interests...plus he'd get to be with her on tour!


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